The mysterious abbreviation of the project – AVARP – hides the name of the author, producer and main instrumentalist, as well as his main aim: Aleš Vejnar Analog Recording Project. It's recording, which spanned across a period of almost three years, is filled with fascination with analogue synthesizers from the 70s. In March 2013, the album was completed, resulting in an original and – in its genre – extraordinary record. Sound was provided by seasoned American engineer Derek Saxenmeyer, who also mixed and co-produced the whole album. The project was recorded at the renowned Faust Records studio in Prague. Mastering was done by Tim Debney at his London-based studio Fluid Mastering.

The centre of this bold, original project, which is pressed on 180 gram vinyl (including a digital download code), is the symbiosis of tasteful usage of modern studio gear and vintage synthesisers. The album was recorded with help of a variety of experienced musicians, who belong to the very best of the Czech jazz scene - Roman Vícha (drums), Jakub Vejnar (bass g.), Marcel Bárta (saxophone), and Jakub Dvořáček (keys). Needless to say, one of the most important participants was American guitarist Gary Lucas, famous for his work with Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart, and countless other projects.

Among the key synthesizers was the rare Czech synth Antares 2, used by Czech composer Jiří Kolafa to create 1970s and 1980s film music and TV series scores, as well as the American synth ARP 2600, which was used, for example, to create the voice of the R2D2 robot in the Star Wars saga.

The result is not a self-centered experiment as it might seem, but a conceptual album, a nostalgic nod to a classic electronica as well as a modern variety of sounds and colors, opening doors of interpretation for the listener. The album contains secret ambient places, rhythmical sequences, layers upon layers of synthesizer extravaganza. The conceptual cover designed by sound designer and graphic artist Lukáš Hoyer corresponds to the cosmic feeling of the record. The artwork of the cover is precisely and carefully developed, rich in detail, ready to disclose its meaning to an experienced eye.


The live version of this project is planned for the first half of 2016, with participation of the author Aleš Vejnar (synths, guitar), as well as Jakub Vejnar (bass guitar, chapman stick, synths).